This was not only the first perspective control lens from Nikon, it was also the first PC lens ever made for any 35mm SLR system when it launched in June 1962. It appears that around 10,000 units were made. Judging from the production number, this is not a very rare item, yet it is still treasured by many collectors. This lens is a milestone for Japan optical industry and another major achievement for Nikon.

A chrome screw on the side permits shifting the optics off-axis by up to 11mm. This 11mm-shift increases the usable angle of view from 62 to 78 degrees. For example, shooting a building from a distance of 200feet, an 11mm upward shift of the lens will bring approximately 72feet more of the upper structure into the picture area. It is possible to rotate this lens through 360 degrees in 12 click stops. This feature allows you to apply the effect vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. You can also take panorama picture with perfect perspective by joining up two photos with horizontal shift in opposite directions. It should be noted that Photomic finders may interfere with the screw during the rotation. You have to remove the Photomic finder first before mounting or detaching the lens. Apart from the lens hood, the other accessory recommnded is the Nikon bubble level which permits precise positioning of the camera.