Between around 1963 to late 1970, all the Nikon products sold in Germany were under the brand name "Nikkor". It was believed that the name "Nikon" could lead to confusion with another German camera manfacturer "Zeiss Ikon". After a temporary injunction had been ordered by court, Nikon changed to the word "Nikkor" on all its products sold in Germany to avoid further legal battle. How many Nikkor F were made is unknown, but Mr. Uli Koch estimated it was around 3000 to 4000 units. For some reasons, chrome bodies seem to be much harder to find than the black ones. The serial numbers of Nkkor F range from late 64xxxxx to mid 70xxxxx. If you want to know more about the German Nikkor era, take a look at Mr. Uli Koch's Nikon F book which has by far the most detailed account of its history.

Even the finders, motor drives, battery packs had to use "Nikkor" instead of Nikon.

"Nikkor" marked F36 motor drive is quite rare. To date, there are only 31 known examples, as published in Nikon Historical Society Journal in June 2007. Mr Uli Koch estimated no more than 800 units of "Nikkor" F36 motor drive were ever produced.

Focus screen for German market

Sometimes, they simply removed the word "Nikon" without replacing it with "Nikkor". Look at the focus screen on the left.

TYPE II Waist Level finder for German market
Type II waist level finder with "Nikkor" instead of "Nikon" at the back. (see photo on the right)
Possible TYPE I waist level finder for German market ???

This Type I Waist level finder on the left does not have "Nikon" on it and is believed to be made for German market by some. The one shown above is the more common one with "Nikon F" on the back.

NOTE: I personally do not believe the blank Wasit Level finder Type I has anything to do with the German market. This kind of Waist Level finder can be seen right from the very first Nikon F manual which was published in 1959, long before the name Nikon became an issue in the West Germany. It should also be noted that some Japanese books classify the "blank" Waist Level finder as just one of the early versions (probably the earliest one).


Updated on 16 Feb 2008