Dummy bodies were provided to dealers for display purposes only. Externally, they look exactly the same as production bodies. Some dummies have the word "DUMMY" engraved on the back just beneath the film advance lever (see photo below).

Body serial no. 7085511


Dummy bodies are completely non-functional due to many mechanical parts not installed. This example I own do not have view finder prism, focus screen, shutter curtain and film pressure plate. The Photomic Ftn finder and the camera back are not removable. The shutter speed dial, film advance lever, shutter release and the mirror lock-up switch all turn and move but without any actual function. You can wind the self-timer lever, but it will automatically return to its 12 O'clock position, as soons as you let go the lever. The only thing that seems to work correctly is the depth of field preview button.
There is no focus screen or view finder prism in this Dummy. All you can see from the reflection of the mirror is the electronics inside the Photomic Ftn finder.
Behind the mirror, both the shutter curtain and the film pressure plate are missing.
The Dummy F weights about 686g, whereas a normal Photomic FTN body weights 860g. The Dummy is some 20% lighter.
This dummy 50mm f1.4 lens has no rear lens element. The entire aperture mechanism is missing but the aperture ring still can turn and click at each stop. However, the focus ring is fixed at infinity. The recorded serial numbers for Dummy 50mm f1.4 are between 764960 to 797455
Body serial no. 7038219 Lens serial no. 783177 (Eyelevel prism not removable)
Updated on 17 Sep 2019