The 105mm f2.5 delivers high optical quality at an affordable price point. It was no surprise the lens went on to become one of Nikon's best sellers when it was released in 1959. The F mount version inherited the similar Sonnar-type design from its RF sibling. While the optical design of the lens was only updated once throughout its entire lifespan of 51 years, the same cannot be said of its look. There are at least a dozen of cosmetic variations in F mount alone to keep collectors busy. The good news is most of them are abundantly available and relatively easy to find, thanks to its popularity. However, there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Apart from the highly sought after Tick Mark version, the black filter ring version with Nippon Kogaku imprint is almost just as rare in terms of production quantity. In April 1971, the lens went through a major facelift. The classic chrome and black design gave way to the modern all black look. A small batch of around one thousand black lenses retained the old " Nippon Kogaku Japan " imprint on the front in the transtional period. The recorded serial numbers of this batch are between 407467 to 408382, just under 1000 lenses. The subsequent production all have " Nikon " imprint instead.

Apart from having "Nippon Kogaku Japan" replaced by "Nikon". there is no other visual difference between the two versions of 105mm f2.5 as shown below.
Updated on 27 Nov 2021